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Press Room

Welcome to the Dream It Alive Press Room. Here you will find our press releases and recent media coverage. If you're a member of the news media or an analyst, please contact us.
January 20, 2014 DreamItAlive.com Unveils Global Crowd Funding Campaign to make Dreams come ALIVE!
November 11, 2011 DreamItAlive.com Launches Free Online Dream Boards Perfect for Fulfilling Dreams, Goals and Getting Money Toward Your Dreams
DreamItAlive.com featured in Huffington Post article on 10 Useful Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Have
Source/Date: Huffington Post Article/October 2016
DreamItAlive.com featured in Huffington Post article on Visual Manifestation
Source/Date: Huffington Post Article/January 2016
DreamItAlive.com Recognized As Top Product For Self Care
Source/Date: Muses & Visionaries Magazine/August - September 2015
DreamItAlive.com On Achieving Dreams For Forbes.com
Source/Date: Forbes Magazine/January 2015
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra Gives Keynote On Dreamboards and Visualization
Source/Date: Tech Out Conference/October 2014
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine
Source/Date: Entrepreneur Magazine/February 2014
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra Interviewed On Top Wellness Podcast
Source/Date: Give Good Podcast/January 2014
DreamItAlive.com named as top visualization tool
Source/Date: Business Productivity/December 2013
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Erin Mester gets interviewed by Microsoft BizSpark
Source/Date: Microsoft BizSpark/ August 2013
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra Discusses Dreamboards® and His Latest Book on Entrepreneurship
Source/Date: BlogCastFm/ March 2013
Believers are Positive that Illustrating their Dreams on "Vision Boards" Can Make them Come True.
Souce/Date: Philly.com/March 2013
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra Discusses how Law Of Attraction and Dreamboards® Help Entrepreneurs
Source/Date: TravisSteffen.com / February 2013
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra Profiled on National Entrepreneur Online Radio Show
Source/Date: Startup Sense / February 2013
Resolutions: The New Year of Magical Thinking
Souce/Date: Inquestof/January 2013
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra Discusses With Huffington The Power Of Women In Technology
Source: Huffington Post/December 2012
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Anita Rani Profiled: Envision Success
Source/Date: OCMetro - October 2012
DreamItAlive.com Promotes Crowdfunding
Source/Date: American Express Open Forum - October 2012
DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra Profiled
Source/Date: Ideamensch - September 2012
How To Visualize Your New Startup Idea
Source/Date: Forbes - September 2012
Visionaries at the Helm
Source/Date: CAYPEN magazine - September 2012
DreamItAlive.com Encourages People to Find Their True Authentic Story
Source/Date: BlogCast FM - August 2012
American Express and DreamItAlive.com Guides College Businesses
Source/Date: American Express Open Forum - August 2012
DreamItAlive.com Guides Youth Entrepreneurs
Source/Date: OCMetro - July 2012
Peak Hosting Supports DreamItAlive.com in it’s Mission to Help The World
Source/Date: Whir Magazine - June 2012
DreamItAlive.com Motivates You to Achieve Your Goals with a Virtual Dreamboard®
Source/Date: TechZulu - July 2012
DreamItAlive.com Featured As Making The World Better
Source/Date: Anokhi Magazine - April 2012
TEDx Talk on Making Your Dreams Come True Inspired By DreamItAlive.com
Source/Date: Ted Talks - March 2012
DreamItAlive.com Featured By Top Southern California Entrepreneurship Podcast Show
Source/Date:The Frank Peters Show - December 2011
Business Profile on DreamItAlive.com Co-Founder Ash Kumra
Source/Date: www.Mo.com - December 2011
DreamItAlive.com Featured As Company Making A Difference
Source/Date: Orange County Register/LA Times - November 2011
DreamItAlive.Com Team Discussed in Interview By White House & Empact 100
Source/Date:Empact - November 2011
DreamItAlive.Com Featured To Millions On WhiteHouse.Gov Speech
Source/Date: The White House - November 2011
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