Jim Carrey On The Power Of Intentions To Manifest Anything!

Actor Jim Carrey tells us how your own intentions can create anything!

Steve Harvey On The Law Of Attraction & Dreamboards

Steve Harvey talks about how he uses the law of attraction in his life, shares his view on the book 'The Secret' and reveals concepts that helped him to manifest his own dream...

Serena Dyer Living Her Dharma and Life Purpose

We talked to author, musician and speaker Serena Dyer on how to find the meaning of life and what life lessons she has has learned from her father Wayne Dyer & Oprah!

How To Use Your Energy To Attract Anything

We asked best selling author & internationally recognized self help expert Jarrad Hewett to give DreamItAlive.com an exclusive look into the world of energy & how to live your...

Sports Visualization

How the Seahawks use Visualization and Imagery to Help Guide Their Team to Success

Wanna Know The Secret?

The Secret is a simple but profound lesson that you can replace despair with a gift – through a change in thinking. “The secret” is the law of attraction. Th...

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