Benefits of Visualizing Your Dreamboard Every Day

Visualizing your dreamboard, or vision board, to actualize your dreams is a habit you can practice every day. But what time of day should you do it? Is it better to visualize first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed? And, why is this practice so important?
Dr. David Che, author of the Total law of Attraction, has been studying the Law of Attraction for most of his life and is on a mission to teach people how to use the Law of Attraction to improve their lives. Dr. Che shares some tips for visualizing your dreamboard with us below:
Best Time of Day to Visualize Your Dreamboard
Dr. Che says, “The best time of day to focus on your dreamboard is debatable, but I recommend the evening before you got to bed at night. Why? Because the subconscious mind works the best when the conscious waking mind is not working against it, which is when you sleep.”
You need to get into the habit of accessing your dreamboard online, adding to it, and really focusing on each picture or item right before you go to sleep. This activity will help to keep those images fresh in your mind as you fall into a dream state. Then your subconscious mind can “work” on those images and help you build your dream while you sleep.
How Often Should You Visualize?
According to Dr. Che, you should be focusing on your dreamboard for at least 30 days in a row and for about five minutes each time. It usually takes 30 days for you to train your mind to adopt a new habit. Once you’ve hit that 30-day mark, it will just feel like a natural thing to do. While being consistent with visualizing your dreamboard every day helps, what’s most important is the emotion you associate with the visualization process. You need to reach deep inside and elicit a very positive emotion. You need to feel a strong desire so that you can attract what you want. Dr. Che says, “This cannot be overlooked. Thoughts might play the role in initially creating but it’s our emotions that manifest.”
You also need to be in a relaxed state when you visualize what you want. This makes it easier for those thoughts and emotions to filter into the subconscious mind. This, in fact, is the principle behind hypnosis. Being able to do this yourself using a dreamboard as a visualization tool can help you manifest virtually anything you desire.
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Why Visualize Your Dreamboard Daily?
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