"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve" - Napolean Hill

Dream Building - Select a Dream Category

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Love & Romance
love, romantic partnerships, loving relationships, romance, marriage, dating, companionship, courtship, divine unification, passion
Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance
abundance, wealth, prosperity, self worth, opportunity, net worth, financial status, investments, wealth, material possessions, appreciating assets, value for yourself
Career & Life Path
life mission and purpose, profession, entrepreneur, homemaker, individuality, career, volunteer work, personal investments, business, life work, home business, paid/unpaid work
Family, Friends & Community
family time, friendships, community, neighborhood, church, clubs, togetherness, close bonds, family relationships, extended family, girlfriends
Health, Wellness & Body
health, healthy body, physical beauty, hair, skin, nails, facials, healing, balance, wholeness, wellness, healthy eating, fitness, optimal weight, gratitude, physical body, body image, beauty inside/out
Travel, Getaways & Adventures
vacations, travels, explorations, getaways, adventures, exploring the world, thrill seeking adventures, camping, overnight getaways, holidays, escapes, spa getaways, weekend getaways
Creativity, Hobbies & Entertainment
fun, hobbies, extra curricular activities, interests, entertainment, recreation, creativity, art, music, artistic interests, creation, new projects
Reputation & Social Life
fame, reputation, social impact, world presence, social status, social life, how you want to be remembered, popularity, recognition
Helpful People & Synchronicity
connections, helpful people, support system, reliable sources, networking, synchronicity, being at the right place at the right time, serendipity, alignment, coincidence, unexpected parallels, surprising opportunities, being in the flow, experiences with ease & grace, law of attraction
Mind, Peace & Soul
wisdom, education, spirituality, self knowledge, calmness, self nurture, self reflection, meditation, self cultivation, education, self improvement, spiritual development, school/college, further education, religious studies, reading, intellectual growth, inner development, peace, stillness, rest, tranquility, serenity, deep relaxation
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