DreamItAlive.com Launches Free Online Dream Boards Perfect for Creating New Year’s Resolutions and Getting Money Toward Your Dreams
Orange and San Francisco, Calif. November 11, 2011 – Today DreamItAlive.com makes its online debut, offering a unique way to effectively set goals and make resolutions for the New Year. Dedicated to guiding the global online community to live out their dreams, the site introduces virtual dream boards and a patent-pending process for aligning users with their fullest potential.
Operated by parent company LUVitate, DreamItAlive.com (DIA) uses cutting-edge technology to inspire users and change their lives for the better. Digital dream boards—the site’s biggest draw—allows for online visualization that can be shared with friends and family for feedback, guidance and financial support. For free, users can create a dream board and then share it with friends and loved ones who might want to add comments or use PayPal to gift money toward their dreams. It’s like a gift registry for making dreams come true.
"We're thrilled to offer DreamItAlive.com users the option to make dreams come true while using PayPal," said Eddie Davis, Sr Director of Strategic Alliances.
Dream boards serve as a potent tool for making effective 2012 New Year’s resolutions. In fact, a wealth of research supports the effectiveness of visualization and goal setting. Visualization for example can significantly impact many aspects of life including health, stress and pain reduction, weight loss, boosting confidence and much more. Dr. David Che adds, “Life doesn't have to be a struggle. Start tapping into the hidden power of your subconscious mind to create a better life for yourself and gravitate towards success! That's the law of attraction, and creating a dream board is one of the first steps to using it." He is also the author of Total Law of Attraction.
DIA’s dream boarding incorporates an innovative process that guides users to cultivate and then follow through on their goals. Dream-building categories include:
  • Love and romance
  • Wealth, prosperity and abundance
  • Career and life path
  • Family, friends and community
  • Health, wellness and body
  • Travel, getaways and adventure
  • Creativity, hobbies and entertainment
  • Reputation and social life
  • Helpful people and synchronicity
  • Mind, peace and soul
The founders of DIA believe all people have a desire for change, an innate desire to create and want a better life. “But many don’t know how to get it. Just by visiting DreamItAlive.com, you’re making a conscious effort to make space for more in your life. What if you can live the life of your dreams? What if you could powerfully live with intention as a creator rather than by default as a victim? A future that empowers you to create the life you want is here,” adds Anita Rani, co-founder of LUVitate and its flagship site DreamItAlive.com.
What’s more, consumers can visualize on a daily basis while receiving feedback from DIA’a uplifting online community. User comments with advice and support from others and suggested products and services help guide dream boarders to realistically achieve their goals. Additionally, this guiding platform provides tools to help users focus on the future such as:
  • Inspiring images—Users can scroll through hundreds of powerful images to gather motivation and excitement to dream big.
  • Diverse community—DIA users can access a rich resource of fellow dreamers inspired and motivated to achieve success together. Profiles cover where they’ve been, and more importantly, where they want to go.
  • Strong support—In addition to building an online community, DIA offers advice, content and testimonials to inspire users. There’s even an opportunity to selflessly pay it forward to financially help others realize their dreams.
For more on all the ways this site works to enhance people’s lives, visit DreamItAlive.com’s About Us page or check out DIA on Facebook. Then turn the season of joy into a lifetime of joy for yourself, family members and friends.
About LUVitate
LUVitate is the vision of Anita Rani and Erin Mester. Its mission is to create Internet sites that promote content, products and services that awaken users to a higher way of thinking, living and believing. With DreamItAlive.com, these two Californians plan to build a potent online community and a platform for those who want to get inspired to live life fully and purposefully.
Their combined experience as entrepreneurs, life coaches and technology experts place them in a unique category of life-changing individuals. Their online portfolio includes Rani’s DivaVillage.com (a site dedicated to empowering women) and Mester’s Servana.com (an online resource for boosting the success of self-employed, home- and small-business owners). Kumra is also an award-winning business coach, speaker, adjunct professor and well-known entrepreneur who was recently honored by the White House as an Empact 100 recipient. Empact 100 is a list recognizing the top 100 companies run by young entrepreneurs who positively impact the economy and inspire others to join the movement.
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