You can cook your way to abundance!!

Tania Van Pelt is on a mission to empower people to live healthier, longer, more joyful lives through fitness, nutrition, stress management and integrative wellness.

Scott Lopez : Learn To Achieve Anything With The Right Mindset

Scott Lopez, former Marine Corps. officer and fighter pilot, sales executive, entrepreneur, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion discusses how he overcame challenges both ea...

Ultramarathon Runner Dean Karnazes on Living Life to the Fullest!

Ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes talks about the infinite possibilities that lie within the human body, and how we must constantly push ourselves harder and prepare to face ...

Jillian Michaels: “Health is the foundation that life is built upon”

Jillian Michaels explains that leading a healthy lifestyle will give you more confidence in areas other than fitness, such as in the workplace, and around friends and family.

Morning Meditation Can Make All The Difference

Morning meditation helps with calmness, tranquility and focuses the mind to have more clarity of intention.

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