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Making Room For Abundance in Your Life

You can cook your way to abundance!!
Tania Van Pelt is on a mission to empower people to live healthier, longer, more joyful lives through fitness, nutrition, stress management and integrative wellness.
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A lot of people will tell you to visualize what you want, to create a vision board and put everything you want to help you focus on your heart's desire. They're right. Visualization is great. And vision or dream boards are very useful in honing your vision. I use them to help me workshop a new project, or to give me a sense of direction. Because I know whatever images and words I collage together are there for a reason. I'm drawn to them for some reason, and once I look at the shape of my board, the look of it with everything on it, I’ll know where I want to go with whatever I care about right then.  


But as wonderful as visualization and vision boards are, there is a very simple way to manifest a life worth living. Right now. Without wasting time or money. It simply requires action. Want to change your life, really change it, deeply and profoundly? Want to feel better today? 

One simple action: cook your own food.


Embrace cooking. If you cooked all your own food, you would lose weight, feel better, and certainly eat much better. Cooking is simple: a series of steps, none of which are that tricky. And, if you start with really first-rate ingredients, your job is almost done. A simple sauté, a little olive oil, salt, and a spritz of lemon juice, and you will most likely have something fabulous to eat. Cooking your own food means you're in control of what you eat, and this usually means you're eating food that's much better for you than any prepared, packaged meal would be. People who cook eat a healthier diet without even trying. Cooking means you're healthier, thinner, and probably feel more content. It also means you're taking care of yourself, and that's a powerful message to send to the universe. Taking care of yourself means you're open to receiving more care, more love, more abundance. 


When you cook, you're connected to the Earth in a profound way that informs how you feel about this world we all live in. It's an affirming act. If you're cooking, you can't be that depressed. And, as we all know it's easier to manifest a better life when we feel good, about our world and our place in the world. 

Start valuing cooking. Even the busiest of us have time to cook our own food. Think about this: when you value something, like watching TV, exercising, surfing the Internet, you make the time. So, make time to make time for cooking. Cooking connects to us nature, and to our bodies. These are two very important connections that contribute to our daily happiness. 


A healthier you is most definitely a happier you, and a happier you is one that will attract so much more happiness, good health, and lovely abundance. It’s simple physics: law of attraction. 

So... what are you waiting for? Get to cooking! 

For more information on health, happiness, and agelessness, contact Tania at tania@agelessdietlife.com. And for recipes, meal plans, and cooking tips, sign up for her newsletters here.


About the Author
Tania Van Pelt
Writer, producer, and content creator Tania Van Pelt has written and produced for film and TV, her book Ageless Diet is premiering this September 2015 and her site AgelessDietLife.com launches Summer 2015. Check out employeesonly.tv and happinessseries.com for more of Tania's work.

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