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"Affirmations of a Goddess" Author Morgan Carson

Anita Rani Posted in Love
Inspirational Profile: Morgan Carson
Morgan Carson is a Visual Artist on a mission to empower women and change the world through art.
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Profile Interview: Morgan Carson

Career Focus: Artist, Business Strategist, Women Empowerment

Bio: My goal is to get you to fall in love with yourself and be in the awe of creativity. While the catalyst is my Art, the conversation is our journey to uncover our dreams. 

Dreamboard: Morgan Carson's Dreams

How do you find yourself to be successful? Why? 

By following what excites me most, and be willing to be uncomfortable in the space between what i see around me and what i am creating.

What is the first thing you do every morning?

I drink Cha Da, traditional tea ceremony and meditate on what i am bringing in.

How did you discover your passion in life? 

By playing with people, by letting go of all that is not me that i accumilated over the years and by following my heart. 


What do you do to focus on your dreams & goals? 

I envision them, i meditate on them and i ask myself daily what can i do today that most excites me and let the rest go. 

What is your life purpose? 

To empower human beings to fully embody who they are thru creativity. 

What life event inspired you to discover your life purpose? 

I have had it itching at me since i was very little. Instigating everyone around me to take risk and be who they are. 


What helps you to maintain your creativity? 

Dancing, dancing dancing! 

What life lesson would you like to share with the world? 

Live who you are fully in every moment. Everything else doesn’t matter! When you martyr you lose your ability to serve the world in the

biggest way, which is giving them you!

As a child did you ever see yourself in the position you are in today? 

Sorta, i saw myself playing. I am always playing. 


What daily habits do you partake in? 

Dancing, Tea, Meditation, Yummy food and following my heart. 

How do you celebrate your achievements? 

Dancing, squealing!

What are your 5 best characteristics? 

I am humble, jk. I love, like really love without hesitation. I dream big! I am a risk taker and I am fully alive.

What’s the best advice you have ever received? 

To be me.


What advice would you give anyone wanting to pursue their dreams?

Do what excites you and move past the fear by taking it a step at a time. 

If you were on a deserted island what are your three must-haves and why? 

I would have a blanket, art supplies and water. So i can not only survive but thrive. 

What have you learned about your career/business that you would pass on to the next generation?

Do what you love and only that. And be ok with the mistakes along the way. They are the path. 

What was the most difficult challenge you ever faced? How did you overcome the challenge? 

Many, mostly people! I love people and letting them down hurt! So i had to learn that mistakes are natural part of life and to embrace them!

What signals do you look for to signify that you are on the right path?


What was your greatest pain and how did it influence your life? 

Losing my best friend to cancer, and it made me realize that all we have is now and all we have is our truth. We best live by it. 

If you could go back and talk to a younger version of yourself, what would you say? 

Nothing, she did it all just right!

What’s your favorite quote or mantra? 

I love all of me. 

What’s your secret talent? 

Chipmunk noise!

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About the Author
Anita Rani
I believe at every given moment, we have a choice on how to live life; by default as a victim or with intention as a creator. I am here to create the life of my dreams, rise to my highest potential and live life fully. Please join me.

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Juliette Ereri July 29, 2015 at 04:29 AM
I found myself smiling through all her answers (except about her friend), she has such a happy spirit! Love it! Do what excites you and move past the fear by taking it a step at a time .....inspiring words! Thank you for the article Anita Rani!
Anita Rani July 30, 2015 at 11:07 PM
@Juliette thank you, I enjoyed it too! :)
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