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The Law of Attraction Unleashed, Hacking The Law of Divine Oneness (Part 3)

The Law of Attraction Unleashed, Everything You Want is Already Here
Having everything you want starts with a belief in "YOU".
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I previously introduced the concept of resonance, and explained how it's the true "driving force" behind making the dreams you've put on your vision board (Dreamboard®) a reality. I also suggested that whatever you are wanting to manifest is already waiting for you, just a few feet away from you. Today, we're going to delve into another important piece of the manifestation puzzle that explains how that could possibly be - with the help of another of the Universal Laws: The Law of Divine Oneness.

What Is The Law Of Divine Oneness

Like The Law of Attraction, The Law of Divine Oneness is quite simple. It states that everything in the Universe is connected to everything else. And not just connected with invisible links that span continents, countries, and cities: connected to the degree that at an energetic level, we are literally all one. Our vibrations are interpenetrating. There are no borders where "you" end and "I" begin. We seem to be separate beings running around on the face of the Earth, but in truth, we are each expressions of the same Divine Intellignce, only appearing to be individuated as different people. 

What this means is that you are one not only one with other people, but with other THINGS as well. And this includes each of your desires. 

When you can truly accept this idea as truth, you will be holding the golden key to rapid manifestation. But on the other hand, if you think about manifestation in terms of the usual (misguided) interpretation of The Law of Attraction, that golden key will be snatched out of your hand faster than you can say "abracadabra". Here's why.

Remember that one of the pitfalls of believing that The Law of Attraction is the main force that powers our manifestation process is that you believe you need to raise your vibration in order to match the supposedly "higher" vibration of the thing or experience that you are hoping to manifest. This idea of needing to "raise" your vibration to match something else implies that you are separate from that other thing, and that that other thing is "better" or "higher quality" than you. But from the Law of Oneness, we know that this cannot be true. You and your desire are already one. There is no distance between you - and at a core level, nothing that differentiates you from one another.

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What Law of Divine Oneness Means

This means that there is nothing you need to change about yourself in order to become "worthy" of your desires. In actuality, you are more than worthy of having your desires, just as you are. And in fact, you are already a vibrational match to those desires! You ARE those desires!

Let's get warm and fuzzy here for a minute. In case no one has told you this recently, you are wonderful. You are amazing. You are an expression of pure Universal energy - a "shard of Source" who decided to come down here to play, learn, and grow on Earth. And what this means is that you and your desire already have matching high-vibrational aspects. You're not some lowly little human who's riddled with faults. I mean, sure, you may have a few things you're working on, but at your center, you are pure love and light. And with this in mind, you can know that you are not "beneath" those things that you desire - whatever they may be.

Knowing this - in your bones - is crucial to manifesting whatever you feel called to be, do, and have. You must feel it down to your very cells. Why? Because the first step in establishing full-blown resonance with the things you want is to understand, on a very deep level, that there is ALREADY a naturally occurring resonance between you and what you've been dreaming of.

How Things Resonate

Only things that are similar resonate. And similar things can only experience the joy of complete and utter resonance (the last stage of the manifestation process) if they allow themselves to acknowledge their similarities, first.

But from the Law of Oneness, we know that this cannot be true. You and your desire are already one. There is no distance between you - and at a core level, nothing that differentiates you from one another.


So just know that there IS a resonance that's already intrinsically there. If there wasn't, you wouldn't have those desires in the first place. All you have to do is "wake up" to your deservingness, acknowledging that the thing or experience that you want is not "better than" you or "above you" in any way, so that you can have the confidence to move on to the next step: "striking your own tuning fork", so that full resonance can be achieved, and you can welcome in whatever it is that you desire.

I'll be explaining my step-by-step method for how to do this in the next article in this series, but first, if you've been following along closely with my tuning fork story, you may be wondering about one important detail. I originally stated that in the experiment in the physics classroom, the two tuning forks had the same "natural frequency", and that it was this shared trait that allowed the second tuning fork to start actively vibrating and making a sound when the first tuning fork was struck. In other words, the two tuning forks were able to "recognize" each other as being present because they had something in common vibrationally. And if, per our example, you are a tuning fork, and the thing you are trying to manifest is a tuning fork, what do you do if your "natural frequency" (which you can't measure, anyway) doesn't match the natural frequency of the thing you desire (which you can't measure, either) .

You rest easy in the knowingness that some part of your frequency matches the frequency of your desires, that's what!

Recognize Your Higher Frequency

In other words, you must become aware (i.e. recognize) that there is already part of your vibration that is a perfect match to part of the vibration of the thing you desire. In doing this, you are perceiving, feeling, and believing the desired thing, result, or experience in your current life, which is the key to coming into resonance. And when you come into resonance, the end-product manifestation suddenly "shows up”!

So in essence, the first step in manifesting using The Law of Resonance is about recognizing that you already are a vibrational match for everything that you desire. You and your desire are one, just as you are one with everything in the Universe. The only thing holding what you desire away from you is this lack of awareness or recognition that you are deserving of the desire, you are one with the desire, and the desire is already present.

This can be a tricky point to grasp, because it's the complete opposite of what the vast majority of us are taught to believe. Our education system, the media, and society in general likes to make us feel "not good enough" in every possible way, to encourage us to want to improve ourselves, buy products to make ourselves more "attractive" or "desirable", and spend money on activities that will help to distract us from taking the time to look within and find out how powerful and amazing each of us really is, in all our uniqueness and "imperfectness".

But the truth is that you are incredible. There will never be another person like you, who is drawn to the specific things that delight, excite, and tantalize you. You are special, and deserving, and then some. In fact, you are much more like your desires than you are unlike them! And having the desires that you have isn't wrong, or something you should have to work for for your whole life, in hopes of finally realizing them in your old age, when you have "earned it". You can have your desires TODAY - right now - if you are willing to align yourself with deservingness, self-love, and oneness. Because THAT is the truth of this world.

In closing, I promised you that in this article, I would prove to you that everything you desire is already present in your life. I've now given you the somewhat airy-fairy "spiritual" explanation (you are already "one" with what you desire, and your vibrations are already a match), but in the next article, I'm going to appease your rational mind - and teach you specifically what to do, in a practical sense, in order to jumpstart the resonance process!

Espavo (thank you for taking your power),

~ Amanda 

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Amanda Aitken is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Psychic Medium, and Epic Manifestation Coach. She wants you to know that you are an infinite, limitless being, and that unheard-of amounts of bliss and abundance are your birthright!

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Dreamer Dreamer February 17, 2016 at 12:30 AM
When will the next article be published! You have me so intrigued with the first three parts. I'm ready for number four!
Danielle Dreamer August 13, 2016 at 02:44 PM
I LOVE this!! I've read so many things trying to shift my abundance vibration and seriously this website and this article must be synchronicity because I can finally feel things shifting! Thanks so much for this amazing new perspective!
Dreamer Dreamer August 31, 2016 at 12:20 AM
Dear Dreamers ~ Whatever you desire, desperately wants to be with you even more. They've waited far too long to be with you. You're the only one for whatever, whomever it is. You belong together like a hand to a glove. Talk directly to whatever it is to let them know you're here and ready. If it's the car of your dreams, let it know you have space in the garage. If it's a home in a specific town, tell that home you're so excited to be there. Your new car, new home, love and passionate career are all connected as the best of friends. They're buzzing around trying to get your attention. Wave in the air and say, "I'm right here, guys, and I see you!" Then, they'll talk to each other and make a plan for your togetherness. They cannot wait to finally be in your life at long last. People, get ready!
Dreamer Dreamer August 31, 2016 at 12:31 AM
Dear Dreamers ~ Here's the final read from Amanda Aitken's "The Law of Attraction Unleashed, Part 4: The Three Part Energetic Formula for Making All Your Dreams Come True" http://amandaaitken.com/prosperitycoachingmaterials/TheLawOfAttractionUnleashedByAmandaAitken.pdf
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Kitty Cuttie June 22, 2018 at 02:46 PM
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