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The Law of Attraction Unleashed, Hacking the Game of Manifestation (Part 1)

The Law of Attraction Unleashed, Hacking the Game of Manifestation!
Amanda Aitken is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Psychic Medium, and Epic Manifestation Coach. She wants you to know that you are an infinite, limitless being, and that unheard-of amounts of bliss and abundance are your birthright!
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Chances are, you've heard about "The Law of Attraction": the Universal principle that states that "like attracts like" - as featuredin the book and movie "The Secret".

1. What "Law Of Attraction" Really Means

Whether you've been working on this "manifesting" thing for a while, or you're brand new to the concept that we create our own reality, you may be wondering a) if this stuff is even "for real" (after all, you've got a logical brain that tends to question everything - and rightfully so), and b) if this stuff IS legitimate, is there a way you can "hack the system" to speed up the arrival of the awesome things and experiences you've envisioned for yourself and placed on your Dreamboard®?

The answer to both questions is a resounding YES. So buckle your seatbelts - because in this four-part article series, I'm going to take you on a journey through time, space, and your wildest dreams-come-true... and teach you exactly how to use The Law of Attraction and its sister law, The Law of Resonance, to create a life you're totally in love with.

2. The Power Of Manifestation

The process of manifestation is something that we're all involved in, 24 hours a day, seven days a week - but the funny thing is, most people have no idea they're even doing it!

To "manifest" something means to display, show, or demonstrate. It's a process that starts with forming a vision, thought, or idea in the mental realm, and ends with that thing or result "popping" into your reality, where it can be physically experienced.

We are constantly manifesting both desired and undesired outcomes and events - yet very few of us have an understanding of the inner workings of the process. Luckily, when you get a handle on the "hows" and "whys" of manifestation, amazing new results become available to you, such as happiness, wealth, adventure, and inner peace, to name a few! Your Dreamboarding® efforts become exponentially more powerful, and you are able to create much more of what you want, and much less of what you don't want.

3. The Universal Laws 

In a nutshell, life gets MUCH easier and a heck of a lot more fun! Now, because so much of the manifestation process happens in the invisible realms, it can be hard to know how close you are to "getting your stuff" - let alone if your attempts to manifest something specific are even working. But it is possible to feel relatively confident about how things are progressing with your manifestations - as long as you have a solid understanding of The Laws of the Universe in hand.

"Laws of the Universe?", you say? What on Earth are those? Well, they're essentially sets of rules by which the Universe unfailingly operates. There is some disagreement over how many laws there are (some say there are only seven; others cite 12 main laws, with dozens of lesser "laws"), but the bottom line is that everything and everyone that exists inside the Universe is bound to abide by the laws, and DOES abide by the laws, whether they are aware of them or not.

This may sound kind of restrictive and scary, but in actuality, it's a very good thing that we live in a law-governed Universe, because it allows us to manifest predictably. It gives us parameters that we can work within. As long as we "get" what the laws are all about, are clear on our authentic desires, and can align our thinking, emotions, and actions accordingly, we are literally guaranteed to get what we want when we intentionally manifest. That's how powerful these laws are.

4. How To Use Universal Laws To Help You

The two major Universal Laws that you'll need to understand if you want to become an effective and happy Dreamboarder® are The Law of Resonance, and to a lesser extent, The Law of Attraction. In this series, I'll start by explaining how misunderstandings about the function of The Law of Attraction can hurt your manifestation efforts, and then I'll get into why The Law of Resonance is the real driving force behind creating what you want in your life, and how you can make the most of its formidable power.

The Law of Attraction (often called the "LOA" for short) is most often summarized with three very simple words: "like attracts like”. We see this law playing out in the form of "birds of a feather flock together", or "good deeds beget other good deeds". This Law states that you receive more of what you "put out there" energetically (and if that sounds vague - don't worry: I'll get into the specifics of how this works a little bit later).

Somehow or other, The Law of Attraction has become the "darling" of all the Universal Laws. Something about the word "attract" has captured the imagination of society - possibly because of its sexual undertones, or possibly because we human beings like to believe we have total control over our lives, and the idea of using our will to "attract" the things that we wish to do, be, and have is oddly delicious: it's a challenge that most of us are all too happy to take on, imagining ourselves as powerful magicians beckoning forth the things we desire out of the ether. (Which isn't too far off, in a way, but doesn't work exactly the way we think it does.)

Yet while The Law of Attraction plays a vital role in the manifestation process, the truth is that this well-loved Universal Law is more of a supporting character than the star of the show. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing, if it weren't for the fact that when you subscribe to the viewpoint that The Law of Attraction is the be-all, end-all of getting what you want, it has a sneaky way of sabotaging your manifestation efforts - effectively canceling out all the time and effort you're putting in visualizing, Dreamboarding®, or raising your vibration. 

5. Hacking Manifestation

In order to truly "hack" the manifestation process, what's called for is a change in perspective - beginning with having a basic understanding of the structure of the universe we live in.   As you may know, everything in this world of ours is made of moving, vibrating energy - even things that appear to be totally immobile, such as a hunk of rock, the building across the street, or the desk you're currently sitting at. Once you zoom in down to the atomic level, we see molecules and atomic particles orbiting around each other (you may remember diagrams depicting this in your science classroom textbooks). And if we zoom in even further, inside those particles, we encounter subatomic particles - known as photons and quarks. But the crazy thing is, these subatomic "particles" aren't solid, either! They actually "consist" of whirling fields of electromagnetic energy.

6. What is Energy

In other words, that there is actually no such thing as solid, non-moving matter. "Everything is energy", mind-boggling as it may seem! Every object, substance, and even creature is made up of a collection of different energies that have different rates of vibration, which are measured in terms of frequency. A frequency or vibration can be "high" or "low", depending on how many times it oscillates (goes up and down) per second. Our reality is literally made up of an endless landscape of these oscillations. We are bathing in - and made up of - a sea of frequencies, vibrating out into infinity. Each of us is made up of a vast range of frequencies, and thus rates of vibration. We are anything but static, and our overall vibration (or "energetic signature"), which is made up of the sum total of all the vibrations "inside" of us, is changing from moment to moment.  This is important to keep in mind, because of the way most people think the Law of Attraction works.

As I mentioned a minute ago, the basic premise behind The Law of Attraction is that "like attracts like". The popular idea when it comes to The Law of Attraction is that in order for the things you want to show up (manifest) in your life, you need to actively make yourself more energetically "like" the thing or experience that you desire. In other words, this (supposedly) means that 1) you must change something about yourself in order to have any hope of "attracting" the things you desire, and 2) you must somehow make your own overall vibration match the overall vibration of the thing that you desire (so that your vibration is "like" the vibration of what you wish to manifest).

7. Raising Your Vibration

The thinking is that when this happens, the thing or experience that you want will be drawn into your reality, as if you are a magnet whose vibration is a tractor beam pulling the desired item towards you. It's also popularly believed that the wonderful things you desire (such as big piles of money, a loving romantic relationship, or a publishing deal) are "high frequency" or "high vibration", and that your own overall frequency/vibration must be similarly high in order to attract them. This is why you often hear people who are into The Law of Attraction talking about the benefits of meditation and spending time in nature: the idea is that these activities will "raise your vibration" to a higher level - one that matches the frequency of the stuff you want. 

But here's where things get tricky for those of us who are working on manifesting awesome new things and experiences. First of all, given that you can't actually measure your vibration, or the vibration of the thing or experience that you want (after all, no one thing has a single, simple rate of vibration, and most of us don't have instruments for measuring that stuff, anyway), it's impossible to know how close your vibrations are, and therefore impossible to reliably "match" the vibrations. So if you subscribe to this theory of how The Law of Attraction works, your only real option is to repeatedly attempt to raise your vibration, trying to get from "where you are" to "where you want to be". And when you don't have much success, this process can start to become a bit of a downer. You might ask yourself, "what does it say about me if I'm working so hard to attract the things I want, and they just don't seem to want to show up? My vibration must be REALLY low! Maybe my frequency is broken!”

The irony is, these scenarios lend themselves to some pretty serious frustration, which is an emotion that actually LOWERS your overall vibration - and will in fact prevent you from manifesting what you desire (although not for the reason you might think). Either way, it becomes a catch-22 that you can't seem to get beyond, and at the end of the day, the stuff that you want still hasn't shown up. Ugh! It's irritating, to be sure.

8. Like Attracts Like

But the good news is, The Law of Attraction doesn't function the way most people think it does (which is actually a really good thing - I promise!). The bottom line is that it doesn't actually WORK for you to forcefully "attract" things into your reality. The Law of Attraction principle of "like attracts like" is correct in a general sense, but if you attack your manifestation efforts by straining to raise your vibration, so that you match the vibration of the thing you desire, you will actually DELAY the arrival of the visible part of the manifestation process: otherwise known as the exciting part, when the money, trip, or relationship shows up and you can enjoy it in the here and now.

Because we like the idea of The Law of Attraction so much, we tend to go looking for "proof" that it's the invisible force operating behind the scenes in our human lives. For example, the old adage "birds of a feather flock together" seems to be explainable by the idea of the LOA. And similarly, when we see that people who are generally happy experience good things in their lives, that also appears to be a living, breathing demonstration of the LOA in action.

And it's true that groups of friends generally have similar overall vibrational frequencies, and it's also accurate to say that there is a "match" between the elevated vibrational frequencies of a happy person and the good things that show up in his or her life (money, love, fabulous vacations). But stating that the person and the awesome stuff "got together" because the two vibrations ATTRACTED each other would be a faulty correlation. Despite outward appearances, these things haven't ATTRACTED each other at all. Instead, they have come into resonance.

Stay tuned for the next article in the series to learn more about what this means, and why the concept of resonance is the REAL key to realizing all your dreams!

Espavo (thank you for taking your power)! 

Law Of Attraction (part 2) Hacking Resonance

Amanda Aitken is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Psychic Medium, and Epic Manifestation Coach. She wants you to know that you are an infinite, limitless being, and that unheard-of amounts of bliss and abundance are your birthright!


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