Skydiving: 'FALLING IN LOVE' Meditation

Experiencing skydiving was not just not a thrill adventure but an experience of the heart!

Inspirational Profile: Vish Iyer is inspired by Vish’s mission to help 15 million singles find love! We are proud to feature him for all of our members seeking love and happiness.

John Gray : Finding Happiness Within Yourself

Men may be from Mars and Women from Venus, but see how relationship expert and best selling author John Gray uses visualization, meditation and imagination to find true happin...

Russell Simmons : Become Attractive to the World and Things Will Come Back to You!

Russell Simmons shares what it takes to be successful!

How Jerry Seinfeld Uses Meditation To Handle Stress

Jerry Seinfeld on Lowering Your Daily Stress Levels by Practicing Transcendental Meditation!

Morning Meditation Can Make All The Difference

Morning meditation helps with calmness, tranquility and focuses the mind to have more clarity of intention.

Russell Brand : "Within you there is a limitless infinite capacity for bliss"

Actor Russell Brand admits to years of being “part of the charade”, referring to his previous years as an alcoholic, egocentric and sex & drug-addict person. He is now encoura...

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